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It has been a wonderful year. As always, there has been some downs in my life such as work and personal, but with all the blessings I got after it was miracle.

It has been a miracle year.

I got to travel more than ever. I went to Comic Con in San Diego, visit family in Kentucky, hanging out & finally meeting friends for Arashi Blast in Hawaii concert, and same goes for my recent trip to Japan. Finally, I got to experience an Arashi concert in Japan which I attended in Sapporo. Plus, I got to meet most of my Tlist friends!!! So excited and nervous, at first, but it didn't feel awkward at all when meeting in person. It was great!

And now, I will be ringing in the New Year at work, but perfect night off to watch Kohaku! Yay!

Thanks you to my friends and family for making this year a very special one. You are all amazing! <3
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I will try to report on my Japan trip sometime this week. I just want to express my emotion during my whole trip.

I won't spam long entry so it'll be under cut. )
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[ This tutorial ] is wonderful which was very helpful! Knowing how much we, fangirls, would like to have our own Arashi ringtones. It's very easy to do. You just need to have the time to play with since it's knowing when to start and stop. And remember, the maximum time for a ring tone is 30 seconds. There is one for android, but since I don't have one, I can't test it out. ^^; Sorry.

I was able to make some ring tones while playing around and will make more when I find more songs to choose. It's best choosing instrumentals unless you want the vocals. Here are some of the tunes that I played around with.


Arashi folder: MEGA
Size: 11.6MB
Tunes: 愛を歌おう, Face Down (opening), Face Down (rap part), GUTS!, 誰も知らない, Bittersweet, Intergalactic, 虹, Hit the Floor, sugar and salt, Take Me Faraway (music box), two (music box), 夜空への手紙

You have to manually click all the songs to have it import to your TUNES folder and not to your music folder to make this work.


Important note:

Windows users: You don't need to delete the ringtone 'song' from your music library within iTunes for this to work, but you should do so as a housekeeping task. If you leave it there, it won't play, since you changed the filename that the 'song' linked to (in the previous step).

Mac users: Lots of people have commented saying that in the latest iTunes, the ringtones simply won't show up in the Tones section. There are two things to try here:

1- Delete the ringtone 'song' entry in your iTunes Music library (don't delete the actual file on your hard drive - choose to keep it when prompted). Then double-click on the .m4r file in Finder and it should show up in Tones.


Some of the songs were ripped from YT for their karaoke music. Rest are from the singles that I have. I will create more in the future.

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Silly idea. Instead of 12 days of Christmas, I'm doing 12 days of Ohno countdown until his birthday. He'll get a double post on the 25th. ♥

Here is my list:
11/14 - Stage play : Sengokupu (Fancam)
11/15 - TV Guide 6.27 (w/Arashi)
11/16 - Solo: Hung up on
11/17 - Television Zoom vol. 10 (w/Arashi)
11/18 - Solo: Take Me Faraway (2008 + Fancam)
11/19 - Solo: ユカイツーカイ怪物くん 怪物くん (dome + stadium)
11/20 - +act mini vol.02
11/21 - Solo: 曇りのち、快晴 (5x10)
11/22 - Solo : Song for me
11/23 - Solo: 静かな夜に (dome + stadium)
11/24 - Popolo Dec 2012 (w/Arashi)
11/25 - Monthly the Hi Vision Sept 2011 + Solo : Rain
11/26 - Stage play: Bakumatsu Banpu (fancam)

All the solos are ripped and encoded from my own dvd collections. The same goes with my magazine scans. As for the fancams, I forgot where I got it from since they were in my HD for a couple of years.


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