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☆ This journal is semi-friends only.

☆ Occasional personal entries are posted and locked. Media entries are left open unless otherwise stated and for your personal viewing only.

☆ All media posts are upload on MediaFire with password only; and since I have a Pro account; it means that I am able to track how much of my files are downloaded.

☆ Sources are credit appropriately. Majority are from CB.

☆ Majority of the scans and/or images are now shared at my tumblr account.

☆ Scans and images are used as a teaser. Please do support and purchase them.

☆ Translations are posted for my practice so they're not 100% accurate, but I do my best to make sure it is.

☆ Use tags to filter out the search such as VS嵐 (VSArashi), ひみつの嵐ちゃん! (Himitsu no Arashichan!), and 嵐にしやがれ(Arashi ni Shiyagare). Make sure your PC or Mac is able to read Japanese font.

☆ Currently, I am not adding any friends unless otherwise stated. Feel free to comment any questions here.

☆ Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

Date: 2014-08-31 12:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi there and sorry for posting in a bad english form. ^^
Nice to meet you I'm Jess from Italy, a fellow Arashi fan, Ohno mostly; I've been in this fandom since 2005, but due to free-time problem (work, marriage, and a brand new home) I started to follow their TvShow and concerts less day by day... till now.
Finally I returned to my beloved fandom!
I'm actually searching for Ohno's Puu Series Butai. When I first watched them I didn't know anything about Japanese and deleted them, but I'm study japanese now and I'd like to see SengokuPu and Bakumatsu Banpu once again.
I'm sorry for being so rude, I know you don't accept any friendship request right now, but... Would you re-accept them, sooner o later?
Thanks and sorry again.
Have a nice day. : )

Date: 2014-09-02 01:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hello. I usually accept those I've been talking to and like you, who message me about it. =). I can accept you. Just add me and I can add back.

Thank you for the message~!


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